I was perusing the newsletter tonight and ran across a pix of the Mounted Color Guard at Camp Pendleton. I was married to a career Marine who was on the Color Guard and participated in the Rose Parade back in the mid 60's. We went to many parades and camped out with the horses – including making a "pit" toilet for ourselves and the girls.Our daughter Terri, who was barely 13 months old in 1965, walked beneath the stomachs of the horses … and we held our breaths, but they behaved perfectly; including the one who danced down the street when he believed that the line in the middle was going to get up and bite him! Not so for our doxie Lil- Bit, for she ran out to bark at the horses and he kicked her in the head!  She didn't do that again! Our daughter Melodye had a horse that she raced in the barrel races at Camp Pendleton. I have a picture of her that was in the Pendleton Scout.

Brought back many lovely memories.

SEMPER FI from one Marine to another.

Autumn Day Tufts


  1. Autumn…..
    It was great to read your story.
    I was a Marine stationed at MCAS El Toro (77-78).
    I spent most of my time at the base stables just outside the back gate behind MAG-11 (I was in MAG-13 at the time).
    I also had a horse (which for an enlisted Marine who moved around was a difficult thing).
    But having a horse (for me) was a sense of tranquility and a great get away from work.
    (also a great place to meet other Marines who had horses).
    By the way…..I had a Morgan Horse.
    Back in the 70’s the base stable was run by Mrs. Nola Carr and her Husband Msgt Maxwell Carr (retired).
    But as time changed the base went away as did the stables…….you could never tell that there was a stables there now or that the base was the home of the El Toro Rodeo.

    L/Cpl Dave Sherpey
    06/74 – 06/78

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